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Reusable by Design

The Lifefactory brand was established in California in 2007 by a pediatric feeding specialist and an industrial designer.  With the emphasis on creating reusable products with sustainability in mind and to inspire healthy living, our products combine design with functionality.

The Lifefactory philosophy is that our products grow with your family allowing you to change the use based on each stage of life; because when products are built to last, we buy less and share more.


Hydration with a Purpose

At Lifefactory our goal is to make single-use a thing of the past. Producing plastic water bottles, filling and transporting them takes 17 Million gallons of oil to make 1 years’ supply. Their production releases 2.5 Million tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide into the environment.

Our products are responsibly made to help prevent more waste in our oceans and landfills, we are committed to a brighter tomorrow.